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S-Brake® – made by HQ-Europe
Traditional mechanical door stays have been used in vehicles for decades, and these normally have 2 or 3 fixed holding positions which cannot be adjusted by the end user. As cars today are becoming increasingly wider, parking spaces have remained the same size, leading to car doors being held open manually as the first locking position is too tight to get out of the vehicle and using the second locking position often leads to colliding with an adjacent vehicle or other objects. The exact remedy for this situation is the S-Brake. This system has infinitely variable locking positions, meaning that the door can be stopped at the desired angle and held there. The S-Brake is a result of continually developing the traditional door check, in the same way that electric window lifters were developed many years ago, something nobody thinks twice about today.

With the S-Brake®, HQ-Europe has developed an electro-mechanical system which offers additional comfort and at the same time increases safety in road traffic. The proximity monitoring system can for example send a signal to the S-Brake to keep the door closed as a cyclist approaches the vehicle in order to avoid an open door / cyclist collision. In recent years, there has been an increase in this type of accident, which has led to more public awareness of this particular topic. In 2018 we were nominated for a DEKRA award in the category road safety as well as being interviewed by Auto-Straßenverkehr magazine. With its compact design the S-Brake can fit into the doors of most vehicles without geometric adjustments and is therefore straightforward for an OEM to implement.

Technical data:

  • Door weights up to 40kg
  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • Operating temperature: -30° up to +80°C
  • Up to 15° slope
  • Touch to release function
  • Control and adjustments also possible by App
  • Weight: ~400g